Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Comics of 2012: Hilda and the Bird Parade

As a caveat, I read a lot - ficiton, non-fiction, newspapers, comics, mini-comics, graphic novels, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, you get the picture... I haven't read every comic or graphic novel that came out last year though. Some that are on my massive "to read" stack that may very well be favourites include: Lilli Carre's "Heads or Tails", Chris Ware's "Building Stories" and Gabrielle Bell's "The Voyeurs".

That being said, here's my last pick of my favourite comics of 2012 - Luke Pearson's "Hilda and the Bird Parade", the third book in his Hilda series. This is one beautiful book: it's oversized hardcover, full colour, with a spot varnish cover. In it, Hilda moves with her mom from the country back to the city and tries to fit in. She meets a magic talking bird and of course they embark on an adventure together.

This is a wonderful book for kids and parents alike. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is charming. My 8-yr old loves it and it's a pleasure to read it to her (and to myself). Highly recommended! Luke Pearson is a prodigious talent. Just look at some of the work below.

Pearson came to my attention a few years ago with "Hildafolk", the first in the Hilda series. Hildafolk tells the adventures of Hilda, a young girl who lives in what looks like a gorgeous northern European countryside (think Sweden or Norway). Hildafolk is already in its 3rd printing.

Pearson followed up Hildafolk with "Hilda and the Midnight Giants", which NoBrow also printed in a gorgeous oversized album format (think Tin Tin and Asterix HC french volumes). Both deserve your attention. Really you should just order all three Hilda books from NoBrow.

NoBrow Press is a UK publishing outfit and their books aren't readily available in most comic stores. So, unless you happen to live near the Beguiling, you should just order direct from them online. They have a wonderful line of high-quality, award-winning books, graphic novels, prints and even wrapping paper! I've ordered a few times and it's been no problem.

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