Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Best Comics of 2012: Darth Vader and Son

So - full disclosure, I bought this for my husband for Christmas this year then read it before I wrapped it up for him. It's hilarious! I'm not a huge Star Wars fan (but I like it don't get me wrong), but I am a parent - and each of these one-page strips is gold Jerry, gold!

Just check out this strip for example...

Amazingly, it also has the George Lucas stamp of approval! The book is by noted cartoonist, Jeffrey Brown, who is a super talented guy and obviously a Star Wars afficionado. If you know a Star Wars fan who is also a parent - this is the book for them.

I'm assuming the book is raking in wheelbarrows of much-deserved cash as there is a sequel coming out this Spring called "Vader's Little Princess" starring Vadar and Leia (also by Brown). You can bet I'll be picking it up!

>> Darth Vader and Son is by Chronicle Books and is available at all major bookstores, and online at Amazon.

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