Saturday, January 15, 2011

Portrait of Annie Koyama

Portrait of Annie Koyama - Patron of Comics This is my version of of Koyama Press' "Kick Ass Annie" icon logo. A number of different cartoonists have done up versions of Koyama's log (as seen on the book Annie is holding above), and the results are fabulous. You can see the whole set on Flickr here

I wanted to do a completely different take on the logo that represented my view of Annie. Annie Koyama is a true patron, and a patron of comics at that! Not someone you stumble across much anymore, and I wanted to honour that side of her...

So being an art history grad, I thought I would model my piece after the Italian Renaissance artists who would paint portraits of their patrons.The above is modeled after Piero della Francesca's portrait of Federico da Montefeltro which is a favourite portrait of mine.

Main difference with my version of course is since Annie is a publisher I just had to have her holding a book! I then placed the original Kick Ass Annie logo on the book.

Here's what the original looks like...

Monday, January 03, 2011

Greetings & Resolutions for 2011

Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy 2011!
The new puppy and kitten kept us pretty busy this holiday season, which meant that everything got done but our Christmas cards. So - thought I would send out New Year's greetings for 2011 instead!

2011 is going to be a big year for me - we are finally all settled here in London, Ont, Rosie is happy in Grade 1 (believe it or not), and I will be turning the big 4-0.

I've been feeling a sense of impending doom as I approach this number. I feel like the meter has jumped forward and I really need to put the pedal to the metal this year. By the end of 2011, my aim is to feel like I've made some big steps forward in achieving my artistic goals. Mainly to get a major comic work PUBLISHED, and to produce more art in general.

Goals for 2011
To keep myself honest, for the first time ever I thought I'd write down the goals I'd like to achieve. So here goes. I plan to scratch them off, as the year progresses...    

Do my version of "Kick Ass Annie" for Annie Koyama DONE
Annie has been a real inspiration for me this year. To see the pure love, energy she puts into Koyama Press and her stable of artists is a thing to behold. On top of that she is one of the nicest people in the comics biz I've ever met. My Kick Ass Annie is way overdue, and I will get this to her this month!

April 15,16,17 -
London Studio Tour DONE

I will be participating in the Studio Tour for my 2nd time this year. This is a fabulous tour that happens in London, Ontario in the Spring, whereby 20 or so local artists open up their homes and their art studios to the public for a weekend. This is a juried show that features a wide variety of work by great local artists. It's always a treat to see them in their environment and it's free to attend! The first time I did it I had over 500 people through my studio that weekend.

I plan on doing lots of new original art and have special prints for this show.

May 7, 8, Toronto Comic Arts Festival DONE
This is the first year I won't be exhibiting at TCAF. I thought I'd better focus on producing more comics before I actively sell more of them. I will of course be in attendance all weekend though. Hanging out with friends and enjoying the best work that comics have to offer.

June 16 - 20, Visual Fringe DONE
Last year was the first time I participated in the Visual Fringe, an offshoot of the Fringe Festival here in London, Ontario. Featuring a great variety of local artists, I was impressed with how well-organized the Visual Fringe was. Held at the Arts Project, they got tons of people through the doors and looking at artwork over a 10-day period. I sold lots of comics and t-shirts. For this Fringe, I plan to do a original theatre-inspired tee.

September 25th, Word on the Street
This is the best show for me, and even though I'm taking the year off from comic shows, I don't want to miss this one. The beauty of Word on the Street is that it's affordable (if you are very small press and book your table super-early as they sell out by spring), you're surrounding by virtually all of the Canadian publishing industry for one day, and the crowds that come out are unbelievable since it's a terrific, FREE, outdoor event. Best of all, I find the people I see there are not the same people I see at all the comic shows. They're people who just love books and are very open to all different kinds of books.

October, 2011 - The Tamblyn Show
Details TBA, but I'm just solidifying plans right now for a joint-show between my and my uncle - John Tamblyn, a very talented photographer (and yes I am completely biased), to do a joint art show. It will fall over my birthday, so I'm planning for the opening party to be a big one!

Complete artwork for at least 3 more Chapters of Bull Comic
I know, I know this doesn't sound like much. But it'll be a lot for me. With 3 more chapters done, I'll have over half of my Graphic novel done and in the can with approx. 75 pages completed. I'm slow okay! Really though, I'm very happy with what I've done so far and think it's my best work to-date. The hardest part is to keep up the momentum...

Draw every day, even if it's for a half-hourI have a full-time gig, and between it, my little girl, my husband, 2 pets and other adult responsibilities, there's not a lot of time left in the day. I'm a happier person the more I draw though, so I need to make time to do this every day even if it's for a small chunk of time. I'm pretty good with this but need to get better.
Feel free to check back often this year to see how I'm doing. Also feel free to send words of wisdom and encouragement!