Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mighty Thor & Hazel Boswell

Couple of new updates...

Hazel Boswell - French Canada

My Grandmother had many lovely folk-art type illustrations framed in her home which depicted scenes from Quebec City where she grew up.

I grew up seeing them in her house and had a real fondness for them. When she passed away, I inherited these pictures which now hang in our house.

I realized I knew nothing about the artist, and so many years later, I still found them enchanting. Thanks to some sleuthing and trusty Google, I found they were illustrations from a book written and illustrated by Hazel Boswell called "French Canada: Pictures and Stories", and was printed in 1938.

It was very popular in its day. I tracked a copy down on Abebooks and thought I would share the wealth with scans of all the illustrations. I posted them all up at Flickr here.

Drawn even featured it as a post - yay!

The Mighty Thor!
I'm doing a lot of writing on my Gerald Bull graphic novel right now and I find it frustrating to not being doing any artwork, so I do some sketches to keep myself interesting and my skills up. Here's the Mighty Thor!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Miniature Show at the Art Exchange

The 5th Annual juried Miniature show at the Art Exchange here in London, Ont is running all this month and I have 2 pieces in it.

Muskoka Fall, $90.00 framed & matted.
Isla Mujeres Flowers, $90.00 framed & matted.

Each piece submitted needed to be just 4 x 3 inchees (hence miniature), then the pieces are matted and framed by the Art Exchange and displayed at the gallery. When I spoke to the owner he said he hoped he would have 100 pieces in total and would have room to hang up each piece.

This year there is a really nice variety of pieces including sculptures and 3D pieces. The Art Exchange has posted photos of each piece in the show on their website here.

Reception is this Friday, February 5th at 7:30 PM. Rosie and I will be there so come by and say hello!