Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Trouble With Comics

Darwyn Cooke Storytelling Workshop
I recently got to attend a storytelling workshop with comic master (and friend) Darwyn Cooke, it was a great experience that I wrote a full piece on at the Trouble With Comics blog here.

Below is a shot of Darwyn reviewing work from my new GN from the portfolio review session of the workshop. Darwyn did a one on one with all participants, and we all got to see and listen in on all the reviews - this was just as educational as the formal workshop itself.

Diana and Darwyn This is actually the 2nd Storytelling workshop with Darwyn I've been to. The first was a much shorter one he did back in 2007. The write up from that session is here. I specifically remember that writer Nalo Hopkinson was in the audience then, which I thought was very cool!

Joe Shuster Awards & Speakeasy Show
Tomorrow night (November 5th) is the Speakeasy comic show in Toronto. I've exhibited at this a couple of times and it's always fun. The Joe Shuster Awards will have a bunch of pieces on display at the show. They have asked Canadian comic artists to do up their version of that old Canucklehead Wolverine, then the pieces will be auctioned later on eBay to raise funds for the awards.

Here's my contribution...