Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mister Miracle & Visual Fringe

I recently finished a piece for fellow cartoonist extraordinaire Jeff Lemire, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
Jeff requested a drawing of Mister Miracle, a character who has a particularly tough costume to draw. So I had to pull out our Kirby Mister Miracle collection for reference, then proceeded to read it from cover to cover. I hadn't read these stories for a while (some I hadn't read at all), and they really blew me away! There's so much raw kinetic energy in Kirby's drawings that they litterally explode off of the page.

There's also so many ideas and concepts that's he's tackling. Kirby created these comics in his early 50s, and they still come across as being fresh and inspirational to me. In truth, I've fallen down a deep well of renewed Kirby love and I owe it all to you Jeff Lemire! Thanks my friend.

In Other News - Visual Fringe
Visual Fringe, the visual arts component of the London Fringe Festival wrapped up this past Sunday. I was given 6 feet of wall space in the Arts Project to play with, and I filled it up with some of my colour landscape drawings, as well as 5 comic pages. In addition, I had my comics and t-shirts available for sale. These went like hotcakes and I had to come in 3x to re-stock! Photo below of me taken by the talented photographer Jennifer Squires, who was also part of Visual Fringe.

The show was extremely well organized and I think the whole Festival is a boon to the London arts scene with theatre productions taking place all over town and troupes from all over the world coming to perform. I was really happy to participate and look forward to Fringe 2011.