Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Kitten Kid!

It's hard to believe, but my little girl will be turning 6 this Saturday. One of the things she really wants for her birthday is a super-hero costume (yes, she's our girl, that's for sure). To clarify, this isn't for Halloween, it's just for wearing around the house.

Her super-hero name is Kitten Kid. I'm not sure what her powers are, they change depending on what day you ask her... She likes super-heroes and cats though so this is a good mix for her.

The Costume

My mom has been tasked to get the costume made for her under Rosie's direction (they've gone to fabric store to pick out colours and kind of fabric for example). I've been tasked with doing the design for the front of shirt.

Rosie has very set ideas and since this is her special gift, I wanted to make sure I got this right for her. So - Rosie did up some drawings of a cat for me, and told me to "make it a bit better mom". Thought it would be fun to share this process below...

Kitten Kid Drawing
Here is Rosie's cat drawing that I used as a model and for inspiration. I love the big head. Rosie is already a good client providing clear direction of what she expects!

Other requests from Rosie - add a mask and a cape! Last night we coloured it together on the computer. Her favourite colour is hot pink - hence the hot pink cat, and wanted to add a rainbow, hence the multi-colour letters. Finally she wanted it to stand out a lot, so black background. All I have to do now is print it out on a special iron-on type paper and hand it to Mom. I'll post a pic of Rosie in the completed outfit when it's done!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Granny Goodness!

Had to take a break from doing sequential stuff, and since I've been re-reading the Kirby Mister Miracle stuff lately and really digging it, I thought I would do up a sketch of Granny Goodness. I'm super happy with it.
Granny Goodness is such a great character. One thing I always thought was weird though was how Ed Asner did her voice in the Justice League cartoons. Ed Asner? For some reason it wasn't terrible, but she should have a super scary voice. Don't know who would be best suited. Maybe Angelica Houston?