Thursday, July 06, 2006

So no new artwork to post yet (my life has been overtaken by Battlestar Galactica - luckily I've now watched the mini-series, season one and season 2.0 now, so I think I can now resume my normal activities. What a good show though!) Anyway, I digress...

One of the things I get asked fairly often is what are you reading lately that you've really enjoyed? Here's some recent stuff I've read and really liked:

Marvel Monsters HC

Initially I just picked this up because I love the oversized hardcover format, and I wanted to have something nice for Eric Powell to sign at the Toronto Comicon (and I'm not a big Goon fan). Though he cancelled his appearance at the con at the last minute, I'm really glad I bought the book. It's one of the most enjoyable graphic novels I've read in awhile!

Collecting four 48 pg one-shots that Marvel put out last year, the book's stories feature a combination of new work and and reprints of classic old Marvel monster stories by Jack Kirby. All of the new stories were surprisingly good, with the best Keith Giffen story I've read in awhile (made me think back to his Ambush Bug days). The best new story by far was Roger Landridge's "Fin Fang Four"detailing the rehabilitated lives of Googam, Gorgilla, Elektro-1 and Fing Fang Four all employed at the Baxter Building under the watchful eye of Reed Richards. Hilarious stuff!

None of the new stories can compare of course to the joy and raw energy that comes off the page from the 4 old Kirby reprints though (that include the origin of Fin Fang Foom which I'd never read).

Scott Pilgrim 3 - Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness

I know everyone on the Internet has already written about this already, but I might as well chime in.

The third volume of the series is a little choppy and not as tight as the first two but it's still probably one of the of the freshest, most original things I've read in awhile. Each book has protagonist Scott Pilgrim fighting one of his girlfriend Ramona's ex-boyfriends. This time around it's Todd Ingram, a vegan (and yes this is important to the story) who is in a band with (and is dating) Scott's ex - Envy Adams.

Bryan Lee O'Malley is clearly having a ball with this series, and this comes across in the art which is energetic and fun. I also love how the story is unabashedly Toronto-centric (this one has a huge, hilarious action scene that takes place in Honest Ed's).

Next up on the reading pile are Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home" and Miriam Katin's "We are On Our Own".