Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Visions of an Icon

These are my contributions to the upcoming "Visions of an Icon" art exhibition, which is a celebration my very favourite super-hero - Superman, put on by the Joe Shuster Awards.

I did two drawings, the first is of the most iconic part of Supes - the crest:The image is of the suit itself, all battered up after a lot of long, hard use. After doing this piece I realized I did it in the entirely wrong dimensions (sorry guys!), so I thought I'd better do another one for the show. Also I was anxious to draw the big guy.

Inspired by Gary's Frank's recent run on Action Comics, where his rendition of Supes is heavily inspired by Chris Reeve, I did this full-on drawing.
I'm quite pleased with it. He kind of looks like Chris Reeve and also of Superboy from the old 1960's comics which I love.