Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who is Canada's top web comic creator?

Hi everyone, Happy 2007! I haven't posted for awhile, and am much overdo! Hope to be posting a lot more in 2007 with news and artwork.

First news is that The Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association (of which I am a member), the non-profit group that organizes the annual Joe Shuster Awards, is pleased to announce the creation of a new honour for our third year.

The inaugural Outstanding Canadian Web Comic Creator Award will be handed out during ceremonies on Saturday, June 9, 2007 in conjunction with the Paradise Toronto Comicon. Now we need your help!

The nominating committee for this award is already hard at work looking at dozens of candidates whose work was posted in 2006, but are also seeking submissions and suggestions for possible contenders.

For the purpose of the 2006 Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards web comics are defined as follows: Web comics, also known as online comics and webcomics, are comics that are available on the Internet. They do not have to be exclusively published online, they may be published in print but must maintain a web archive for either commercial or artistic reasons and they need to have been published on the web first, before any other medium. Web comics encompass the stratum of traditional print comic book formats, tiered comic strip pages and longer form graphic novels. Also included are formats such as horizontal web comic pages, vertical layout formats, irregularly formatted pages with horizontal and/or vertical scrolling and infinite canvas' but does not include multi-media presentations, motion graphics or flash animations. Mediums used can be traditionally drawn art, photographs, 3D Art, digital images, pixel art, clip art, found art and other conceptual web comics.

Questions, concerns, comments and submissions in the form of a URL can be sent to:

The full list of Canadian contenders can be seen at the website at:

We have a good base list we've compiled, but are looking for additional submissions to make sure we have as comprehensive list as possible of Canadian web comic creators. Thanks to good pick-up of this info on the web a lot of submissions are coming through and I've been generally impressed with the quality!

There's a lot of great stuff being done out there that I wasn't award of, and I think this is a terrific addition to the Joe Shuster Awards.