Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mighty Thor & Hazel Boswell

Couple of new updates...

Hazel Boswell - French Canada

My Grandmother had many lovely folk-art type illustrations framed in her home which depicted scenes from Quebec City where she grew up.

I grew up seeing them in her house and had a real fondness for them. When she passed away, I inherited these pictures which now hang in our house.

I realized I knew nothing about the artist, and so many years later, I still found them enchanting. Thanks to some sleuthing and trusty Google, I found they were illustrations from a book written and illustrated by Hazel Boswell called "French Canada: Pictures and Stories", and was printed in 1938.

It was very popular in its day. I tracked a copy down on Abebooks and thought I would share the wealth with scans of all the illustrations. I posted them all up at Flickr here.

Drawn even featured it as a post - yay!

The Mighty Thor!
I'm doing a lot of writing on my Gerald Bull graphic novel right now and I find it frustrating to not being doing any artwork, so I do some sketches to keep myself interesting and my skills up. Here's the Mighty Thor!

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