Saturday, January 15, 2011

Portrait of Annie Koyama

Portrait of Annie Koyama - Patron of Comics This is my version of of Koyama Press' "Kick Ass Annie" icon logo. A number of different cartoonists have done up versions of Koyama's log (as seen on the book Annie is holding above), and the results are fabulous. You can see the whole set on Flickr here

I wanted to do a completely different take on the logo that represented my view of Annie. Annie Koyama is a true patron, and a patron of comics at that! Not someone you stumble across much anymore, and I wanted to honour that side of her...

So being an art history grad, I thought I would model my piece after the Italian Renaissance artists who would paint portraits of their patrons.The above is modeled after Piero della Francesca's portrait of Federico da Montefeltro which is a favourite portrait of mine.

Main difference with my version of course is since Annie is a publisher I just had to have her holding a book! I then placed the original Kick Ass Annie logo on the book.

Here's what the original looks like...

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