Friday, October 06, 2006

I Keee You! A Collection of Overheards & SPX

Available next week at SPX, "I Keee You!" is an anthology put out by the Atomic Book Company that I have a one-pager in. The theme is that each artist chose one overheard snippet of conversation to illustrate that editor Benn Ray compiled.

What have we overheard in the bathroom? On the street? In bars? In our own homes? In stores? At restaurants? As people talk into their cell phones, to their friends and, in some cases to no one at all.

Other contributors include: Allison Cole, Brian Ralph, Cole Johnson, Joshua W. Cotter, Mark Burrier Martin Cendreda, Nick Bertozzi, Peter S. Conrad, plus plenty more. Spiffy cover is by Brian Ralph. If you're not going to be at SPX, you can also order it online through the Atomic Books website for the low, low price of $7.95.

Along those lines, though I was originally booked for SPX, I had to unfortunately cancel my table a couple of weeks ago. My day job is keeping me very busy these days, and when you add a teething toddler on top of that, it's meant that work on my new mini-comic "The Rosie Stories" has been going much slower than anticipated. My new goal is to have it done for Christmas. Wish me luck!


Rachel said...

I am excited about the book, both my husband and I have overheards in it, I can't wait to see it.

Diana said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your comment. I'm really excited about the book as well!