Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Girl Walks Into the Woods - Now for Sale!

After a successful launch at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) last month, and a London debut at Forest City Comicon, it's time to get my new comic "A Girl Walks Into the Woods" fully out there into the world! You can now order it online below.

The comic has also gotten its first review in the London Free Press and it's a really positive one! Read the article by Dan Brown here: Latest from Tamblyn is powerful re-telling of fairy tale

"Visually, it’s stunning. Never has Tamblyn’s art been this rich. The splash page on which Red enters the woods is breathtaking. Tamblyn’s biggest influence as an artist is the legendary Jack Kirby and you can see the same attention to detail in her work."

High-praise indeed, although I wouldn't say Kirby is my biggest influence - that would be Jaime Hernandez, then probably Alex Toth. However the older I get, the bigger Kirby's influence is becoming over me and the more I love and cherish his work. Also, if my comics have 1/10th of the power that Kirby's does, then I'm a very happy person and it's a huge compliment!

A Girl Walks Into the Woods

A Girl Walks Into the Woods comic - by Diana Tamblyn and Cornelia Hoogland

A comic adaptation of poet Cornelia Hoogland's book "Woods Wolf Girl". Little Red Riding Hood like you've never encountered her before. A contemporary re-telling of the age old fairy tale.

26 pages (digest-size - 8.5 x 5.5). Black and white with two tone colours - grey and red. Saddle stitched, cardstock cover. Self-published. $10 USD + $5 USD Shipping.

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A Girl Walks Into the Woods - Interior page - Diana Tamblyn, Cornelia HooglandA Girl Walks Into the Woods - Interior page - Diana Tamblyn, Cornelia Hoogland

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