Saturday, January 03, 2015

Goodbye 2014

I've been a bit frustrated lately with how slow it's going with Book 2 of Gerald Bull (though it's going, I've been working on it quite a bit the past few months). Part of the reason for the slow pace is because of how tight and controlled my drawing is - as well as the amount of research and photo reference is involved (which I enjoy but is time-consuming).

Inspired by Kate Beaton's holiday cartoons - which are awesome, fresh and funny, but also so loose, I thought why don't I give it a try?

My daughter Rosie provides a lot of comic fodder and I share a lot of stories with friends and family of her antics. I also did a mini-comic of her years ago called "The Rosie Stories", so this seemed like a good place to start. Doing fast loose comics that still capture human essence is really easier to be said than done - it's also hard for me to loosen up on the control (clearly seen by the title below which was a big fail in terms of doing something quickly). It was all I could do not to spot in some greys.

I'm happy with the result and I think I'll try to do more in 2015 - it's good for my cartooning chops! Enjoy.

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