Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Strip in Canadian Notes & Queries

The Summer issue of Canadian Notes & Queries is out and it features a 2-pager by me. This was a really special project for me. Canadian cartoonist Seth is the Art Director of the magazine (and he does all of the covers too - check out his amazing wrap-around cover here), and he personally asked me to contribute (thrill #1).

I got to adapt any piece of Canadian fiction I wanted to in comic form. I chose Barbara Gowdy's short story "Flesh of my Flesh". I've always wanted to do a comic of one of her works - I finally go to do it and get paid for it (thrill #2)! The magazine is available at finer book and magazine stores everywhere!

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Gabrielle said...

Congratulations, Diana! No wonder you are thrilled. That's more thrills than... a box of Thrills!