Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Tamblyn Show

I've been working like crazy preparing for my upcoming joint show at The Arts Project with my uncle - John Tamblyn. For almost a year now I've been drawing native trees of London (The Forest City), in my pen and ink style. At the show I'll also have some of my comic book art.

Here's a new piece I just finished of a White Oak in Mount Pleasant cemetery. A lot of the trees on the cemetery grounds are really outstanding. This one in particular really took my breath away.

John's series is on trains, specifically focusing on the graphitti art he's found on them. The combination of the rusting trains with the bright spraypaint colours provides some amazing images.

For the full info on the show, see the site I did up for it here:

Accidentally Pineapple Article

  • I also wanted to highlight an article about me for a new site called "Accidentally Pineapple" (great name I know). I was flattered to be asked to do an interview to help launch the site.
    >> Read the article.

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