Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Real London

Is London, Ontario a creative city? A recent London Free Press poll of readers said overwhelming No - we're not. Certainly that is the stereotype about us - we're all white, conservative and middle class here right? Wrong. And many others would refute this view (myself included).

David Redding is a local photographer who's been taking photos of local London artists with the purpose of showing the community just how rich the creative talent is here in the Forest City. His photo of me is above. Check out the website here:

Cartoonists in London
Remember in the sixties, when London was a hotbed of talent? We had Curnoe, Chambers, the Nihilst Spasm Band, Ewen, Reaney and more. Well I think something is happening here again - you can feel it in the air. A groundswell if you will, and you don't have to look very hard to find it.

For cartoonists alone, London is becoming a bit of a hotbed. Here are the ones I can name off of the top of my head who live here
So - still think London's not creative?

Recent Interviews
On a completely different note, here's some recent interviews/reviews with me.
Be sure to check out Squidface and the Medler in particular if only because it's one of the best looking sites around!


Randy said...

I didn't buy into that survey. The question alone is confusing. "Is London a creative city?" Well, no. As a city London is build and sprawl. Not much creativity there. "Are Londoners creative people?" A resounding yes! I always shuddered when I heard of an outside artist being displayed by the city. WE have Western, Fanshawe, Beal and that's it for my limited art knowledge. Point is, out of just that we should be buying city art from local artists.
To the point of this blog post. London (city hall) is not creative, but London (the people) are.

Diana said...

Good point Randy. Yes, London the people definitely are creative. It'd be nice if the city would follow suit.