Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enter the Black Canary

This was a piece done for the Doug Wright Awards. They asked a few comic artists to do a DC themed image that they will auction off as a fundraiser on eBay. Other artists included are Seth, Chester Brown and Joe Ollman so I'm in good company!

UPDATE: I hear from Brad McKay from the Wright Awards, that the artwork will be the following:
Seth: Dr. Fate
Chester Brown: Batman!
Joe Ollman: The Spectre
Other entries from All-Star Canadian team include ones by Jeff Lemire, Jillian Tamaki, Lynn Johnston, Kate Beaton and Bryan Lee O-Malley!

More surprises to come!

The art will be on display at TCAF 2010 at the Doug Wright booth.

Originally, I thought I would do Plastic Man, but this is inspired by Alex Toth's Black Canary shorts in Adventure Comics (which I was flipping through). Too many lines for Toth though - sigh. He's the master of minimalism.

Can't wait to see what others come up with!

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BK said...

i thought about Toth when i first saw it!