Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Silver Surfer T-Shirts!

Based on my take of a classic Kirby pose, this design is available in Women's and Men's sizes.
They are hand-screenprinted by Fresh Ink on 100% cotton pre-shrunk shirts. Below we see my lovely Rosie modeling it. Cost is only $20.00 each.

Win a Free Shirt Contest
For a chance for a free shirt of your colour and size, just post a comment on this blog or RT my Twitter message by tomorrow, December 10th at 1:00 PM. You'll also get a copy of each of my mini-comics still in print. Contest is now over. Winner is Sookie Mei! Thanks to everyone for participating.
Sizes are Women's Medium, Men's Medium and Men's Large. Lots of colours available, but note that quantities are very limited, so get your order in soon so you're not disappointed!

Women's Medium Surfer Colours
Medium size only available. Note that these are a tailored snug fit. I usually take a medium, and this fits, but is more like a small size. If unsure, I would suggest the Men's medium.

At left are colours available.

Men's Medium Surfer Colours

Men's Large Colours

T-Shirt Size
Note Preferred Colour Below


Sookie Mei said...

Hi Diana! I freakin' love Silver Surfer, or at least the way he looks! Great t-shirt! I sure hope I win one!!

Jarrod said...

Really like the old style look of the surfer. Any plans for shirts with different characters?

Diana said...

Hey Jarrod, I'm thinking of doing at least one new shirt for TCAF 2010. I have a soft spot Plastic Man, and was thinking about that, but what's your vote?

Sean Kleefeld said...

Love that Kirby Krackle!

Alan said...

Personally, I think an old school Marvel villain would be more popular, especially with the TCAF crowd.

Dorkin just did a post about "Absorbing Man" Crusher Creel. He would be a good pick.

That said, don't expect me to buy one, but I might!

Diana said...

Jaime - I think you've got something there. I like your villain idea - the obvious one that comes to mind is Modok. Maybe I'll have to do a survey to solicit people's feedback. I'll have to think on it.

Cheers and I won't make you buy a t-shirt at TCAF!