Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Flickr Picto-Browser Set

I started a Flickr account and I am addicted. This actually seems to be a useful web 2.0 thing. I'm already a convert to Ray Fenwick, and Marc Johns. Check out my my own browser set below.


Adj said...

I love Flickr too!

Added you as a friend there, incase you're wondering who the shadow_caster person is :)


Scott Chantler said...

How do you make one of these fancy viewer-browser thingies? I've been wanting to use something to make a permanent illustration gallery for my site, and this looks like it'd be just the ticket.

Diana said...

Hey Scott,

Just go to this website:

And follow the prompts. The only catch is you have to have your images on Flickr as this is where the picto browser pulls from.

Hope you're well!

Unknown said...

So great to see so much of your stuff at once. Beautiful images.