Sunday, August 27, 2006

In Your Face

A few weeks back on our vacation, Dave, Rosie and I all went to the AGO to see if the portraits I submitted to the "In Your Face" exhibit were on display. They were and it was pretty neat to see. The "In Your Face" exhibit has a huge display that takes up one room of the Gallery. All three of my portraits of Rosie are displayed in a row at a good eye level, so I think they got good placement.

Dave at AGO

Many of the entries included are by children as well as adults, and it's fun to see the variety of the works (by style, by subject, different skill levels, etc) displayed side by side. The individual portraits are displayed from floor to ceiling, and all together the exhibit does make quite an impression.

Above is a photo of Dave in front of one of the walls. You can see my Rosie portraits in black and white just to the left.

Rosie recognized herself right away and pointed out her pictures by saying "Ro Ro"! (which is how she refers to herself).

At left, a photo of me and the subject.

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