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"I like the look and feel of the comics I've seen from cartoonist Diana Tamblyn. There's something attractively forthright about them: a simple, clean presentation that flatters the stories within."
- Tom Spurgeon,  The Comics Reporter

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"Everyone loves Diana's mini's for their subtlety, their realistic portrayal of modern lives and their ability to hit a personal chord that resonates with the reader." - Jonathan Ellis, Popimage

Duty Must Be Done: The Story of Frederick Banting
Cost: $5.00
Description: Black and white mini-comic.
This is the mini-comic version of the story that was featured in SPX 2002. Why do a mini comic version you ask? Partly because I wasn't particularly happy with the original ending -- I thought it was a little abrupt and needed just a little bit more... I also just wanted a stand-alone version of the story available.

"A revelation: Tamblyn's comics reportage in Duty is as strong as that of Harvey Pekar or David Collier."
- Comic Book Galaxy

"Duty Must be Done is an inspirational presentation of a well-known Canadian story."
- Bob Banting, great nephew of Sir Frederick Banting.


From the Earth to Babylon: Gerald Bull and the Supergun
88 pages, B&W interior, colour cardstock cover
Cost: limited edition version of 200 copies, $20 + shipping

Mixing the fascinating approach of historical journalism with a mesmerizing biography comes the wild and crazy, true story of Gerald Bull.

A historical graphic novel based on the life of Canadian Gerald Bull—considered to be one of the most brilliant scientists of the twentieth century and whose work affected the course of two modern wars. Bull’s research led him across the globe, from Canada, to the Pentagon, to Barbados, to South Africa, and finally to Iraq.

This volume tells of how this “boy genius” of rocket science experienced early success with the launch of HARP (the High-Altitude Research Project) with McGill University, to owning one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated space programs with the Space Research Corporation. 
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The Rosie Stories
Cost: $3.00
Description: Black and white mini with cardstock cover

Featuring 2 autobiographical stories about all the experiences and feelings (both good and bad) that go with being a new parent, along with a couple of "L'il Rosie" cartoons of Rosie done up in a Peanuts style (big-headed kid one page gags).

"A book with hidden depths and interesting use of the medium of comics."
- Diverging Comics review

The Toca Loca Project
Cost: $2.00
Description: Black and white mini with cardstock cover
Originally commissioned by the new music band "Toca Loca" . I did a limited signed and numbered run for one of their concerts where everyone in the audience got a copy. This version is a slightly expanded version of the original.

The theme for the concert was "Words we (never) use, or words and music, and I tried to explore a similar theme for the comic.

"A short punk rock comic."
- Micheal Cho

There You Were
Cost: $3.00
Description: Black and white with a 2-colour cover.
Karaoke, The Canadian Antiques Roadshow, Office Christmas parties, and grueling Canadian winters - how do all of these things fit together? Find out in this comedy/romance, slice-of-life story about a budding relationship between two office co-workers.Black and white with a 2-colour cover offset cover.

"A lovely, understated character study..."
- Rob Clough, Sequart

Writer's Block
Description: Black and white with a 2-colour cover.
Short story about a Canadian writer in his mid-50's who's spent most of his adult life working on a book of short stories - all with a diner theme (his personal obsession). After the book is a surprise critical and commercial success, he's presented with the problem of trying to write a follow up.

"A short, literate story from Canada."
- Marc Campos, Poopsheet

That Thing You Fall Into
Description: Black and white mini-comic.
Slice of life story whereby one person feels more strongly than the other person does about their relationship.

One of Eye Magazine's top mini-comics picks of 2003 - "That Thing was nominated for an Ignatz award as Outstanding Mini comic this year, and the justification for why she didn't win is debatable".

Ignatz Award nominee for best mini-comic of 2003!

Eleni Kapetanios: Writer Diana Tamblyn: Artist
Description: Black and White mini-comic.
This is a story about the relationship between a guy and a girl. The woman is a sensitive artist, and the guy is a macho cop. You can tell already that they have a lot in common.

"Diana Tamblyn has put out Gunslingers, another great mini that’s more than a mini. Diana really knows how to wedge more story and storytelling into a mini than most people get into a regular full comic, without ever seeming rushed or fast-paced. Diana is a huge talent that deserves to break out big-time; get this so you can say you were into her work way-back-when."
- Sarah Dyer, Action Girl Comics

Tequila With Lime
Eleni Kapetanios: Writer Diana Tamblyn: artist
Description: Black and white mini-comic.
Two best friends set out to visit the one friend's brother and his wife. The problem is the brother is the other friend's ex-boyfriend, and he doesn't know she's coming along for the ride. Along the way, they stop off at a bar to get out of the rain, and things start to get a little out of hand...

"Solid storytelling of a really good story - there's tons of content packed into this little mini..."
- Sarah Dyer, Action Girl Comics

"Tequila With Lime Rocks! it's a great story - subtle, yet plenty of action."
- Ariel Bordeaux